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Welcome To Our Blog

Hello and welcome to the Boulder Designs by Custom Rock Works blog! This is where we will regularly post content on the service and products that we provide to Texas, as well as articles and helpful information regarding all things rocks. From things you can do with the rocks in your yard to ways you can incorporate major rock features, you can expect it all!

Until then, we’re going to get started by giving our readers the rundown of who we are and what we do! Keep reading to learn everything you’ve been looking to learn about our company.

Who We Are

Honestly, it’s all in the name. At Boulder Designs by Custom Rock Works, we focus on creating amazing features out of boulders, no matter the shape, size, color, or feature. We’ll dive deeper into the boulder features we can create for you in the next section, but for now what you need to know is this — we love working hard to create unique, eye-catching boulder features that bring our clients joy while accomplishing the task said boulder feature is intended to provide. To do this, we blend our creativity with yours to create a design that embodies your vision and needs while utilizing our years of experience.

Our Texas Boulder Design location is one of nearly 150 franchises in the United States, making Boulder Design the authority in rock and boulder features — but it doesn’t stop there. Our owner, Robert, makes us a Boulder Design like no other. His hard work ethic, passion for the work we do, and expertise in the realm of custom boulder and rock work ensure that each job we take on ends with satisfied customers and an astounding boulder product.

What We Do

As you may be able to tell, at Boulder Designs by Custom Rock Works, we provide Texas with incredible boulder and rock features. Don’t worry, we’ll break this down in depth.

Boulder Benches

One common boulder feature we create is the boulder bench. Boulder benches are amazing because they serve multiple purposes. For one, they’re functional, spacious seating which makes them perfect for parks, campus quads, or your backyard. Furthermore, boulder benches have a large surface, making them perfect for engraving. From a business or school logo to a memorial, there is no limit to what you can do with a boulder bench.

Learn more about the boulder benches we offer here.

Pet Products

Another type of popular boulder features we create are pet products. Most commonly, we create pet memorials that can serve as headstones or memorials for a furry best friend that has passed away. While this may be sad, we also offer some uplifting options! Our favorite boulder pet product to make are our personalized pet bowls. These feature a gorgeous slab of stone with a space for a food and water bowl! Then, we’ll engrave your pet’s name or face — whatever you want!

Learn more about our boulder pet products here.

Awards And Trophies

Most of us think that awards and trophies have to be made of metal (or plastic that looks like metal). But did you know you can make unique, memorable, and adored trophies out of stones and boulders. At Boulder Designs by Custom Rock Works, we can create the perfect award for your sports team, competition, and more!

Learn more about our boulder and award trophies here.

Drink Dispensers

An extremely fun and unique boulder feature we offer is the boulder drink dispenser. These feature a rectangularly shaped boulder that features your name, logo, or any other custom engraving — and tap. Simply stick your drink of choice in the top of the dispenser and enjoy!

Learn more about our boulder drink dispensers here.


While it’s not the most fun to think about, everyone is going to need a headstone someday. Make sure it fits the personality and essence of you or your loved one by creating a custom boulder headstone with Boulder Designs from Custom Rock Works.

Learn more and get started here.

Flagposts Bases

You can turn your flagpole into a monument with a custom boulder flagpole base. Choose from a variety of colors, and engrave the message, image, or logo you need to create the perfect flagpole feature.

You can learn more about our boulder flagpole bases here!


Any good firepit is made of stone — or at least we think so. And when we make a stone firepit, it’s not your standard ring of stacked stone. Instead, we make hefty, visually stunning firepits that are tailored to your landscape and property and made from beautiful boulders.

Learn more about our custom firepits and get yours here!

Boulder Signs

From custom address boulders to municipality signs made of stone or a university sign, we can make you a timeless, unmissable boulder sign. There are no limits to what we can do when it comes to boulder signs, and we always love collaborating with our clients to create what are essentially, incredible works of art!

Contact us today to get started on your boulder sign.

Boulder Designs by Custom Rock Works

Thank you for taking some time to read up on what it is we do and who we are here at Boulder Designs by Custom Rock Works! If you have any questions about the work we do, a project you’d like us to work on, or anything we’ve talked about in this blog, please contact us today!