Top 5 Notes To Understand When Purchasing A Custom Boulder

Thinking of purchasing a custom boulder? Take a moment to learn from the experts at Custom Rock Works, and learn about the 5 tips and tricks before making a rock signage purchase. Questions or concerns? Please don't hesitate to reach out to Custom Rock Works. From design to installation, we do it all!

Top 5 Notes To Understand When Searching For Custom Boulders

At Custom Rock Works, we understand the importance of having a quality and beautiful display for your home or your business. Our custom boulders are definitely more than an explanation of an address or a sign for a store, but so much more. These types of rock signage are made to give off the best impression possible. In respect to our service, and the process of choosing, creating and implementing a boulder into your home or business, can be quite daunting. You can trust in Custom Rock Works to help get you through this process, at the best possible price. If you compare our business to a few competitors, sign companies, you will note we are a bit lower cost, and provide higher quality work. We completely focus on boulders, and it is our bread and butter for a reason! Please ensure when choosing a boulder design company, you focus on a few specific factors below.

Please take a moment to look at these specific questions surrounding the purchase of a custom boulder for your home or your business:

Is Your Investment Made To Last?

There is an old saying, “If you put more into your business in the beginning, the rewards will be fruitful long term.” A specific note to this, is your image. Our custom boulders are perfect for any residential home, farms, commercial office locations, state or recreational parks, and new housing areas. Did you know, we can get boulders which are 10ft or higher? Our products are made to last, and usually outlast most sign companies in the region. Think about it, you can take the time to create a custom rock design for your home, business or other, which will last for multiple years or even multiple decades.

Upkeep On Your Custom Boulder Purchase

Once you have made the the purchase of your new rock signage, have gotten it to your home or business, and have placed it exactly where you need to, will you be able to keep up with the constant maintenance after each season? Will you be able to ensure the new asset stay up to par? What is lucky, for any boulder purchaser, our products are not made from cheap materials or combustible materials, like wood. Wood can deteriorate, and break away over time. Wood can get infested with bugs or termites. Wood has the ability to rot, and the colors can break down. Lucky for you, you have purchased a custom boulder from Custom Rock Works. Our boulders are meant for long term! No worries on this front.

Will My New Landscape Addition Fit With My Design?

Some homeowners, and businesses, are just starting out. They can specifically place the boulder where they please, and start to build around it. Unfortunately, for current homeowners or businesses, they may need to re-organize their landscape to help fit the boulder in the best fashion. They may need to have a landscaping company remove a tree, move a fence, etc. Our rock signage is extremely easy to place, and we should be able to get it placed correctly where you may not need a full landscape redesign. Please be sure to speak to our experts about design and as well as placement.

What is The Best Boulder Company?

Ensuring you receive the best possible product is important in any purchase. What you most likely want to know, prior to purchasing, will my new product make me unique? Will my new boulder make me original in this ever-flowing business creation in the US? Will it make my home or business more elegant? Clearly for any business, when purchasing through Custom Rock Works, our products will make you stand out. Our unique custom designs were made for logos. The large faces of some particular boulders are perfect to get your exact messaging across. We have a happiness guarantee as well! With the amount of control in the design, the specific boulder selection, we can ensure you will be happy with the product we offer!

Can I Customize?

As we have noted above, you can 100% customize your boulder. Speaking to overall size, the specific look (oval, round, square), and specific hue or color of the boulder, you have the overall choice. You are welcome to take your time with the selection of each individual feature and may ask for examples or references. Take your time in carefully placing your logo, your verbiage or anything you want to design. We will, of course, provide specific feedback, but creativity is literally at your fingertips.

Contact Custom Rock Works

If you are looking for a company to help with the design and installation of your new landscape piece, at an affordable price, look no further than Custom Rock Works. We are highly reviewed and highly rated in our area. We guarantee you will love your boulder addition.. Contact us today to learn more!