3 Reasons To Get A Custom Address Boulder

Hey, thanks for visiting the Custom Rock Works blog! In a hope to spread some helpful information about the services we offer and the products we can provide you, we’re back with a blog that is going to break down one of our more popular residential custom boulder products — custom address boulders.

Keep reading to learn about three reasons why you should get a custom address boulder for your home!

What Is An Address Boulder?

You’ve seen them, but you may not know what they’re called! An address boulder is very simply an address placard that’s created via a custom-engraved boulder. At Custom Rock Works, we can create any size of address boulder, and we can engrave any design or verbiage that you’re looking to use to identify yourself!

Now, let’s get into some reasons why you should invest in an address boulder!

Express Yourself Like The Rock-Star You Are

Perhaps the biggest reason to invest in a custom address boulder is that it gives you an avenue to express yourself, your family, and anything else you want the world to know, right at the entrance to your home. From sporting your family name and sigil (if you still know what yours is) to a general “Welcome” sign that shows an engraving of your family’s passion, there is no limit to the ways you can use an address boulder to show your community a bit about who you are.

It’s The Cherry On Top Of Your Property

You’ve worked hard to get your home. You’ve worked hard to have that gorgeous landscaping that ups the curb appeal of your home. And you’ve worked hard to build a home-base where you can enjoy the benefits of all you’ve done to get where you are. And there is no shame in celebrating that!

So with a custom address boulder, you can put the cherry on top of the amazing bundle that is your home. While the beautiful house and landscape are a marvel in and of themselves, with an address boulder you’re putting that label on that says, “This is my family’s — we’ve worked hard for this, and we’re proud of what we have!”

It Won’t Go Unnoticed

Finally, by having a custom address boulder, you’re going to have a unique and obvious landmark on your home! This means that visitors will easily be able to find it and that it will be distinguishable from other homes, especially if you live in a development where similar homes are all over the place!

Custom Rock Works

While we’ve been talking about residential address boulders today, we can also provide address boulders, monument signs, and other boulder signage for businesses, institutions, cities, and so much more! Plus, boulder signage is only one of the many amazing rock products we have to offer!

If you’re interested in what we do at Custom Rock Works, or you’re interested in getting started with your very own address boulder, please contact us today!